Fight, Teach, Seek


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From the artist Shelby Rodeffer about working on her PSA print, "As a person who was raised and has spent the overwhelming majority of my life in the Southern United States, I believe that we all carry the burden of the historic and ongoing ruinations of justice in our country, every day and everywhere we go. This year, a lot of us have been shook awake to the terrible injustices many Americans face. Still, many among us have never been afforded the luxury of ignorance.

I want to be a sanctuary citizen of this nation, and I want to empower others to do the same. Sometimes it's hard to figure out where to begin. In doing research for this project, I couldn't shake the simple mission of the Southern Poverty Law Center: Fight hate, teach tolerance, seek justice."

100% of the proceeds of this print go to the Southern Poverty Law Center

** Be aware that this print exists in two versions of white - Off-White (Cream) and Natural White (Grey White) - Please choose one in the options below **

Prints created by the lovely Shelby Rodeffer in Chicago, IL


Image of Fight, Teach, Seek Image of Fight, Teach, Seek