PSA: Positive Social Activism

PSA is a marketplace for designers and printers to showcase hand-printed editions or one-of-a-kind artworks with 100% of the sales being donated to a nonprofit organization of their choosing. We set out to create & sell positive printed propaganda to benefit others, while standing together as a creative community.

Mission Statement:

To provide a public service that allows artists and designers to use their skills & creativity to directly benefit national nonprofit organizations. Our work hopes to promotes unity, equality and respect while advocating for the people & things we loveā€”that need our help now more than ever.

Nonprofits We Are Supporting:

PSA Has Raised:

The Wilderness Society: $425
The Human Rights Campaign: $200
Planned Parenthood: $900
National Immigration Law Center: $70

Our Artists:

Maggie Jacobson, Hound Dog Press Louisville, KY hounddogpress.com

Carl Carbonell, Meat and Three Printing Co.  Salt Lake City, UT meatand3printingco.com

Brad Vetter, Louisville, KY bradvetterdesign.com

Lindsey Schmittle, Gingerly Press, Landenberg, PA gingerlypress.com

Shelby Rodeffer, Chicago, IL shelbyrodeffer.com

Sawtooth Print Shop, Nashville, TN sawtoothprintshop.com



Adrienne Miller is a jill of all trades as a studio artist, freelance art handler/mover/installer, and museum employee. Her studio work has been exhibited across the U.S. and abroad. She is the creative support and picks up all the loose ends for PSA. She currently resides in Louisville, KY.


Kirsten Anja Pohle is a wardrobe and food stylist who has worked for an impressive list

of fancy people and companies. You should definitely hire her to make you and your stuff look good. She is the logistics and business brain behind PSA. She is currently based in Nashville, TN.


Brad Vetter is a designer, artist, educator and master printer in the field of letterpress printmaking. After spending eight years honing his craft at the legendary Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN, Brad became an independent printer and designer in 2012 under the mantle Brad Vetter Design. Brad is the creative lead and probably the one who is going to answer your emails the fastest for PSA. He currently resides in Louisville, KY.